About Costa Rica Online Map


What is Costa Rica Online Map (CROM)?

Costa Rica Online Map is a 100% costa rican project, which main purpose is to promote an alternative marketing tool, other than the normal means of exposition in the Internet.

Costa Rica Online Map (CROM) is not a simple web page or company directory like many others that exist in the market.  CROM is a marketing tool which main purpose is to give companies a position and image in the Internet as users of Google Map, Google Movil y Google Earth, from everyone that uses these services. These imply the usage of applications such as Google Geo Spatial, and not a private service limited to internal search that cannot be indexed in the Internet. In other words, the main difference is that the users do not have to register to any site to be able to check a company website. Through CROM, the companies are located directly in the Google Map, Google Earth and Google Mobil platforms, which have millions of visits every month. CROM gives another way to have a company shown, other than the traditional web search engines, which are saturated with competition and advertising.


How does CROM work?

Costa Rica Online Map is a marketing project based on two basic components:

A web site, portal type or directory, with two main means of navigation: the first includes a conventional company listing, with more features than just the incorporation of localization points in Google maps, a rating and review system, and an RSS Feeds system. Moreover, in the future, there will be options to include videos, public reports, information about the country, and multimedia promotional material. The second system of navigation includes detailed maps of each province and their touristic sites, for the Internet surfers who search information.

The second component consists of integrating the information gathered in the site with the Google Map and Google Earth platform, as well as Google Mobil. In that way, companies will be exposed to an alternative market and one that is less saturated that the normal Internet.


What does CROM offer, what are the benefits of this marketing strategy?

Costa Rica Online Map is a platform that was designed through a three year long process of research and development, along with field work for the recollection of geo-referenced points (GRP) of more than 4.500 companies and touristic sites in the country.

In this process, we have taken into consideration a number of elements, such as the experience of the Internet surfer or web user, the exposure necessities of companies and the ranking of the companies in Internet, the necessities of a successful SEO project (Search Engine Optimization) and the SEM project (Search Engine Marketing), the changes that the consumer has had in the last 5 years, and the development of the Web 2.0 or Social Web, where the user has demanded more power in the overall experience and management of the companies information.

In that sense, Costa Rica Online Map has being designed according with the tendencies and necessities of the entrepreneur and that of the final user, setting a neutral ground for Internet promotion, a list of good and trustful links, one way to the company´s web page. At the same time, CROM conveys the new growing tendency of searches in geo-spatial specialized search engines, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Yahoo and MSN.


Why is CROM in BETA version, what does that mean?

When we talk of BETA version, we are referring to the preliminary version of the project called Costa Rica Online Map, which requires a period of testing and development from entrepreneurs and final users.

However, the project as we speak is being analyzed by the Google Company for approval of its content and the accuracy of the geographic references, in a country where the traditional tools that are available do not work anymore. Also the project is already online for the final users to try as the content grows everyday and more companies add to this project.


What is the difference between CROM and the other web directories?

The main difference is that Costa Rica Online Map was developed taking into consideration, not only the creation of a directory that uses Google and Yahoo as a base for their graphic representation. It goes further to consider the SEA and SEM traditional strategies and the inclusion of its content in an open and alternative media of world accesses such as Google Earth and Google maps.

The second difference is that, even though Costa Rica Online Map is still a Beta project, where the final user has the right to give a review, to express and opinion and control some of the editorial content and rating of the companies and other services, also we have thought of a way for the companies to reply to these reviews in any way they would like to, allowing companies to defend themselves in case of a bad review.

The third big difference between Costa Rica Online Map and the rest is that the information is of free and unlimited access to all search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, and it is open to simple searches in their respective search engines.

The fourth but not least important difference between Costa Rica Online Map and the rest is that it has the cartographic backup of professionals highly trained in GPS Satellite technology, the only private company accredited by the Costa Rica National Geographic Institute, as a mean for the verification of the geo-referenced points obtained by the GPS and the development of the lacking cartography of the actual maps of Google, Yahoo and MSN.


Who is behind Costa Rica Online Map (CROM)?

Costa Rica Online Map is a project and development of Digital Arts, with the support of GPS Satellite S.A., and companies highly specialized in online marketing and digital cartography business.

Digital Arts has signed an agreement or joint venture, with the company ChamitArt S.A. for the commercialization and execution of the project Costa Rica Online Map in a way that it will guaranty the success of the project.


© 2016. Digital Arts S.A., San José, Costa Rica. Costa Rica Online Map is a Costa Rica Directory and Travel Information, using Google Maps and Geo Spatial work.