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Map of Alajuela

In the Alajuela province you will find the Juan Santamaria International Airport and the main city called also Alajuela. It is a lush green province, full of mountains, volcanoes, forests, rivers and wildlife. In this province you will find two of the most amazing volcanoes in Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano, guarded in the Arenal National Park, and the Poas Volcano, guarded by the Poas Volcano National Park.


Its main city Alajuela, was the birthplace of Juan Santamaria, the national hero of Costa Rica, who faught againts William Walker and the Filibusteros in 1856. Visitorscan see his story in the Juan Satamaria Museum located in the old prision, one block from the central park.


Among the touristic sites of this province are: La Garita, Zoo Ave, the Butterfly Farm, and Balneario Ojo de Agua, Arenal Volcano and all the activities of La Fortuna town, adventure tours, such as canopy and canyonning, etc.

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<p>Alajuela is the second city in Costa Rica. The International Airport Juan Santamaria is located in Alajuela. Alajuela is the obligated way to visit Poas Volcano, Irazu Volcano, ...
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