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Map of Cartago
The province of Cartago is located 23 Km East of the capital of the country, San Jose, exactly in the Valle del Guarco. Cartago Province, especificly Cartago City, was named home of La Negrita, a small black statue of the Virgin Mary, the national virgin of Costa Rica. The Virgen de los Angeles restes in the Basilica Nuestra Señora de los Angeles. Among the attractions of these province are: the famous Irazu Volcano, located 7 km to the South East of Cartago City: Turrialba Volcano, located close to the city of Turrialba, as well as the archeological site Guayabo; the religious sites such as the Basilica, the Cartago Ruins and the Ujarras Ruins, dating from the 17th, the oldest church of the province; and the Lankaster botanical garden. It also has many interesting activities such as white water rafting, canyoning, canopy, hiking and biking. Within Cartago Province can be also found national parks such as Irazu Volcano National Park, which is the t is the highest active volcano in Costa Rica; the Turrialba Volcano National Park, the Tapanti National Park, the Chirripo National Park, and the Braulio Carrilllo National Park.
Another interesting attraction of the Cartago Province is the town of Orosi Valley, as well as the Cachi Reservoir and dam. The Orosi River Valley is where the Chachi reservoir is located. The Dam channels waters from Reventazon and Orosi river, into a concrete dam structure. Close to this Dam, art lovers can find the famous Casa del Soñador (the house of the dreamer), where tourist could buy interesting primitive art peaces made out of coffee wood. One of the main adventure activities in Costa Rica takes place in this province, which is white water rafting, using the Reventazon and Pacuare River.
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