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Map of Guanacaste
Guanacaste province, the “gem of Costa Rica”, is located in the northwest part of Costa Rica. It borders with Nicaragua to the North and with the province of Alajuela to the East. The main city of Guanacaste is the city of Liberia. Guanacaste province is the sunniest and driest in Costa Rica, due to its considerably shorter rainy season than the rest of the country. The rainy season or “green” season is from May to November. Green season showers are usually late afternoon or at night, still leaving plenty of time for outdoor activities and sunbathing.
It is famous because of its beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, dry forests, fascinating national parks and a variety of activities, including world-class fishing and diving, which awaits visitors.  The weather throughout the province of Guanacaste is characterized by being hot with well-defined wet and dry seasons. The province of Guanacaste is filled with touristic, folkloric and other attractions. Among the national parks located in the Guanacaste province are Santa Rosa National Park, Barra Honda National Park,  Rincon de la Vieja National Park (the name of the Volcano and National Park comes from the legend of an old lady who used to live in the slopes of the volcano); Guancaste National Park, Palo Verde National Park, Land as Baulas Marine National Park, as well as many other biological reserves such as Isla Bolaños and Lomas de Bardubal. All of these sites with amazing landscapes and nature jewls.
Guanacaste if the paradise for tourist who come looking for beach time and sun. The activities offered in the province includes beaches, surfing, kayak, scuba diving, hikes, sailing, sportfishing, waterfalls, canopy tours, volcanoes, birdwatching, and nature guides.
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