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Map of Heredia
Heredia Province is the land of Barva Volcano, situated in the little town of Barva de Heredia. This volcano is located exactly west of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The access is really hard because of the condition of the roads, but after the parks entrance, the trails are well defined and its an enjoyable hike to the crater lake. Other trails gets to a green lake called Laguna Barva (2.900 meters), and Laguna Copey. From the Basilica de Barva (1767), in a clear day, it is possible to see all the central valley. This province is rich in coffee land, and there are many one day tours that will explain visitors all the process of producing coffee from the seed to the last exportation bag.
Heredia Province includes a portion of the Central Valley and the Central Volcanic Cordillera, but the majority of its territory lies in the northern lowlands, south of Nicaragua. The geographical variation contained within this province (the smallest of Costa Rica's seven) gives it as wide a range of climatic conditions as any of the provinces, from warm and humid lowlands, to cool and damp highlands, to the mild but seasonally wet and dry Central Valley.
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