Cahuita is a relaxing paradise located 43 km south of Puerto Limon. Its beaches are ideal for swimming and snorkeling (during dry season) in fabulous coral reefs close to shore, especially since it has one of the country most beautiful national parks: Cahuita National Park. Monkeys, lizards, and birds among many other animals are present at all times in the beautiful rainforest. It also has two sunken ships to explore while snorkeling.


The Indian tribes of Bribrí and Cabécar were the original inhabitants of the Cahuita area. The Afro-Caribbean settler, a turtle fisherman named William Smith, came to the area in 1828. As the cultures combined, now the people who live in Cahuita has an interesting gastronomy, cooking with coconuts in the kitchen and playing reggae music on the radio, giving this town a decidedly Afro-Caribbean flavor. Cahuita is an authentic Caribbean village surrounded by heavenly beaches and majestic tropical forests, here you breath an afro Caribbean air reflected on the music, gastronomy and architecture, thanks to this you can enjoy a rice and beans and a cold drink while you listen reggae and calypso.


Cahuita is also located close to Puerto Viejo de Limon, one of the most representative towns of the Caribbean side of the country. Among the activities to do in Cahuita are: fishing in a local boat, canoyning, canopy, hike to the waterfall, ocean kayaking, white water rafting, butterfly farm and botanical garden, and chocolate factory. Also there are quite a few good restaurant, which include French and Italian cuisine.




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