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Yoga in Paradise Samasati
We had a wonderful and fun honeymoon week in Costa Rica! It was truly unlike anything we had ever experienced before! We loved all the girls, and especially appreciated Jemima, Merrica, Lindsey, and Kim! (We maybe leaving some one off, but the staff just made everything so comfortable and welcoming... including you, my friend! ) George and I had a fantastic time at our Samasati honeymoon retreat! I know, "roughing it" in the jungle is not for everyone, but for the two of us, it was perfect. I already miss the good food, and am craving the banana cake with cocoa frosting from our last evening meal. Do you think you could get the recipe? If its in Spanish, it's ok, I'll have my sister translate it for me! (Seriously!)
Our trip to Costa Rica was amazing, and we will recommend Samasati on the trip advisor website and to all of our friends!
Hugs and many thanks!

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Yoga and Nature in this perfect place!
Dear Noelia,

Thank you so much for your many kindnesses and help with arranging things for me and my fellow classmates at Samasati. The experience literally changed our lives: our values, character, and spirits. We each returned from Samasati a better person than when we first arrived. We also want to extend sincere thanks to all the people who work at Samasati for their exceptional dedication to our needs. The food was simply amazing. Every day the ladies performed culinary miracles in their kitchen. They prepared a variety of fresh, delicious foods that were of the highest quality. The cleaning service was professional, fast, and attentive to details, often surprising us with beautiful flowers on our linens. The transportation was always reliable, courteous, and prompt; and the grounds were meticulously attended with the utmost respect to the natural beauty of the rainforest that envelopes Samasati. In addition, we must mention Gita, the resident yoga instructor - who often engaged us with stimulating conversations and advice - and Kimberly and Aldomar, the managers - who took special care to insure that everything ran in a smooth, professional, and orderly manner.

While all of this is impressive, what is truly notable is the pride the people of Samasati take in their tasks and the warm, friendly hospitality they extended to us as guests in Costa Rica. They prepared birthday cakes for those several of us who had birthdays during our stay, and they prepared special teas and chest compresses if we were ill. Finally, we were especially fortunate to have Marianne Wells provide us world-class training at Samasati. She is a truly inspiring yogini and a deeply gifted teacher. She touched each of us in a unique way, bringing out the best in us so that we are now better prepared for our journey to pass on the gift of yoga to others. Samasati is a mystical place of unsurpassed beauty and welcoming people. Please pass on my deepest gratitude on behalf of myself and my beloved classmates to everyone involved in making this treasured visit on 25 July to 9 August 2009 to Samasati so very, very meaningful. . . .


Chris Lane ~

Fantastic stay!
I returned home just last Sunday after 11 days in beautiful Costa Rica and wanted to pass on my thanks (and my travel companion Susan!) for an absolutely wonderful week at Samasati. It is a special place that I can’t even begin to describe to others! Everything was exceptional – the staff, the food, the yoga, the jungle. It was truly amazing. Your staff – all of them! - were so warm and friendly, interesting and caring. With our early morning departure though, we forgot to leave our ‘thanks’ to the women who tended to our room. Would there be a way to do that from here without too much difficulty?

Thank you again for all your help in getting us to Samasati – I truly hope to visit again sometime very soon!

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