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A highlight of our cruise- Costa Rica's Veragua Rainforest!
We visited Varagua Rainforest as excursion on our Holland America cruise to Panama Canal and Costa Rica in February 09 It was a wonderful surprise as we truly enjoyed our tourguide Eric and the knowledge he had of Costa Rica's overall geography and especially the rainforest. We rode the aerial tram down to floor of the rainforest and then walked down to the falls which are not Niagara but they were worth the trip. The rainforest is beautiful and peaceful --everything is wonderfully green. There are several exhibits on the rain forest, the animals that live there and a really neat opportunity to experience the rainforrest at night . We also saw a sloth and a Costa Rican hawk. The butterfly exhibit was a highlight for me. I'm a photography nut who could have stayed there all day as it is fascinating to watch them in a natural setting. There's a cafe where we had great fresh fruit, Costa Rican coffee and a sandwich. The facilities are clean, the people who work there are friendly and eager to please. Overall it was a great excursion and it suits those who can't do alot of walking as well since you do not have to walk down to the waterfalls. You can still ride the aerial tram and stop there to enjoy the scenery. I'd go there again- it's definitely worth the trip.

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