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Expected more from this hotel!
Although the service was friendly, we really expected more from this hotel. It totes itself as 5 star, but it was no where near. The pool was small with only some 6 chairs to share between 20 rooms. The waiter had to walk thru the water to bring us our food service, and there was no convenient bathroom to be found. The restaurant had good food, but was so hot as to be unbearable. They need to glass it in and put a/c as the fans did nothing. The spa was very nice, though they messed up my appointment. Lastly, their "reserve' is a joke. We went on the tour 3 times and never saw an animal, though the views were pretty once you got to the top of the mountain. Slippery coming down though, so not for the physically challenged. In summary, would not recommend this wanna be 5 star hotel.

Gaia Hotel
As one of the owners of the hotel, I felt the need to respond personally. Our pool has 3 levels, with 3 different pool decks, each offering a different view of the Pacific and rainforest, and one those 3 decks is more private than the others. We have over 20 chaise lounges and chairs, with dining tables and chairs on each deck. There is a pool bathroom which is plainly marked between the upper and lower pools.
Yes, the waiters have to walk through a small “playita” of water to get to the more private pool deck, That is why they wear shorts. We designed it that way for people who want more privacy.

We have a completely separate dining room that is fully air conditioned. If these guests were so hot,
I do not understand why they didn’t say something, the other dining room is in plain view. Regarding our private nature reserve, we cannot predict when the monkies or sloths will be in. That particular area of our resort, but trust me, we are in the middle of a monkey corridor and have Several sloths that live on the property.

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