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Academia Tica Coronado

400 mts East from the intersection between San Pedro and San Rafael de Coronado, left entrance, Quita Toyopan, , ,

<p>Over 20 years of experience leading the Spanish school market in Costa Rica. We provide high quality Spanish courses and full touristic and cultural experiences that enhance Spa ...
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Learn Spanish Abroad (LSA)

Office: 100 mts North, 50 mts West Suc. Banco Nacional Moravia, , ,

<p>Intensive Spanish and Total Immersion Courses, become immersed in the language and culture of one of eco tourism hot spots of the world.</p>
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Instituto Universal de Idiomas

Ave. 2da, street 9. Altos de Colchoneria Jiron, , ,

<p>Learn Spanish and make friends in Costa Rica! With over 26 years teaching Spanish, Universal de Idiomas Spanish Language Institute is one of the most experienced Spanish schools ...
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Academia de Idiomas Bridge S.A.

100 mts East and 100 mts South of Santa Teresita Church, , ,

<p>The basic purpose of any Language is, was, and always wiil be COMMUNICATTION!! and that is what you will learn here at Bridge, how to communicate in English!!  come join us and ...
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Costa Rican Language Academy CRLA

Barrio Dent, from Autos Subaru,300 meters north and 50 meters west on Calle Ronda, , ,

<p>Affordable Spanish programs in Costa Rica Learn Spanish, travel and much more.  CRLA has been providing high quality Spanish language instruction along with an authentic Latin A ...
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360° Student Travel / Westcoast Connection

San Jose, , ,

Immerse yourself in all things Costa Rica! Practice your Spanish while bargaining at a local market, hiking through lush rainforests or surfing the Pacific Ocean. While there is no ...
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