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Green plants, lots of birds and warm weather
I want to thank-you for a wonderful trip we returned back home last night about 10:30pm after a few delays on flights and luggage that was not able to be taken off the plane which we came on from Costa Rica. The luggage compartment door was stuck, so we waited and waited for luggage and finally were told and allowed to proceed through customs without luggage. We also have snow on the ground, what a disappointment to see the snow instead of green plants, lots of birds and warm weather.

Thank-you for the hotel selection they were are fabulous, especially Tulemar Bungalows. We had a tremendous time canyoning, rapelling, zip-lining, nature walks, snorkeling etc, Costa Rica is a beautiful country and we have many memories and pictures to help us remember the trip. We truly enjoyed everything. The tours were all good and the drivers were on time and helpful. We enjoyed the drives since we were able to see part of the countryside and towns that we drove through. The only thing we didn't get to see was Arenal erupting during the night due to cloud cover. Oh well, will have to come back... Just to let you know on the itinerary it was stated that breakfast not included at Sapo Dorado, it was included that was a nice surprise. Our last night we had dinner at Tiquicia, what a view and there was a wedding going on with a carnival atmosphere. So much fun!
Again thank-you for organizing this memorable trip.

Dalia, Marty and Tomas Trakis (Mar 19-29, 2009)

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