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Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America with 51.100 square kilometers of territory. It has manage to have a personality of its own, implementing new ideas that had place the country in a special place in the world. Costa Rica is one of the fewest countried in the world which elimenated its army to invest its recourses in free education for Costa Rican children. It is also one of the first countries in America to focus its attention on sustainable development, taking into consideration eco tourism and taking care of its natural resources. Costa Rica has many volcanos, some of them very active, two coasts, beautiful mountains, amazing forests, and a wide variety of fauna and flora; it is truly a natural gem. Besides that, Costa Ricans are very friedly people, always with a smile and its slogan "Pura Vida".
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Segways In The Park

Sabana Park, , ,

<p>Enjoy a fresh breathe of air on your stop over in San Jose. Put some GREEN into your day on a Segway PT Eco Tour through La Sabana Parque!</p> <p>Have you ever wanted to view M ...
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RPM Vacation Rentals

Plaza Tamarindo #17, , ,

<p>RPM Vacation Rentals is a pioneer property manager providing best in vacation rentals, from private luxury homes to inexpensive condos, beachfront houses &amp; villas in Tamarin ...
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