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Costa Rica is recognized internationally as a destination for Health Tourism,because of its low prices and its medical and technical ability. Besides the lower prices and the medical professionalism, Costa Rica is a country with such a beautiful scenery, fantastic climate and a great human qualities, making it a pleasant destination for the recovery of the visitor. Each year, the number of people coming to the country for dental and plastic surgery is increasing considerably, taking into account the excellent conditions offered by the country. Many visitors use their holidays to make a combination of health tourism and a opportunity to know some of the most touristic places of the country.

Hospital CIMA, , ,

<p>Chelation therapy involves the Intravenous infusions of EDTA and others Antioxidants,and Vitamine C, over a course of treatments ina doctor&acute;s office.It is safe and free of ...
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3 km North from La Fortuna de Bagaces, , ,

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New Smile Dental Group

Ave. Paseo Colon, Street 28 next to Pizza Hut, , ,

New Smile Dental Group offers you the latest advances in technology, materials and procedures to make your dental treatment safe, comfortable and affordable. Your smile will look n ...
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CheTica Medical Recovery Ranch

250 mts North of Zurqui Tollbooth, along the way Braulio Carrillo ·32, entrance on the right hand, , ,

The days of relaxation, professional and pampered care before, during and after your Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, Bariatric, Laparoscopic, Prostate &amp; Urinary System, Orthopedic ...
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