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Costa Rica is a tropical country and does not have well defined seasons and the climates is stable in every region year around.  We have light climatic changes according to the time of the year, for example summer time called -dry season- from December to April or winter – rainy season- from May to November.

Costa Rica has one of the biggest diversities in the world, and is privileged country for being home of many diverse organisms, considered to be one of twenty countries on the world with the highest diversity in species,  estimated in 12-14 million species of all kind of organisms in the world, of which only 1.75 million has been described.With such diversity, Costa Rica is also home of 850 species of birds, from which 600 are resident and the remaining are migratory during the winter, the former flying out to South America.  Costa Rica is a country that has given a great deal of attention to the conservation and preservation of its national parks, forests and jungles.


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Costa Rica is one of the countries where an unusual amount and variety of fauna and flora are found. Its rich and abundant fauna included more than 200 species of mammals, more than 850 species of birds, 200 species of amphibians and 220 species of reptiles. The wonders of Costa Rica nature has allow the country to develop a crescent touristic activity based on ecotourism and rural tourism, all in harmony with nature. Hummingbirds, doves, sloths, butterflies, snakes, giant lizards, sea turtles, among many others, can be found in many places in Costa Rica.

In such a small country, there are many different habitats, such as dry forest, rain forest, cloud forest, and mangroves, among many others. There are more than 9.000 species of higher plants, more than 800 species of ferns, including the unique blue fern, 2000 species of bromeliads, and 30 species of heliconians, among many others.



Living in a country with a salubrious climate with sweet and soft winds, beautiful countryside, active and smoking volcanoes, occasional rainbows and fluffy white cumulus, Costa Ricans are very friendly, dignified and indenpendent. Tico and Ticas are peaceful, friendly and proud to have a beautiful country to share with visitors from all over the world. Passing through Costa Rican countryside, it is impressive to look people living in houses on plots of land that they themselves own and farm.

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