Barra Del Colorado N.W.R.

Barra Del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest wildlife refugee in the country (92.000 hectares). It is located north of Tortuguero in the Limon province, next to Nicaragua border.  The area is beautiful, with lush green forests, stagnant saline pools, lagoons, swampy marshland and slow moving streams. It is home of monkeys, sloths, jaguars and hundreds of other species; there are also 700 different species of orchids. The refuge is primarily a fishing area and it is less crowded that its neighbor Tortuguero. The main attractive of the area is its flora and fauna, and sport fishing.

Barra del Colorado area lies on a big alluvial plain of recent origin, and has a heavy rainfall all year round (6.000 mm per year). Among the flora species that can be found in the refuge are bloodwood, crabwood, wild tamarind, provision tree, coconut palm, holillo palm, wild tamarind, crabwood, cativo, banak, berm, Santa Maria, bully tree, dove wood, black palm, stilt palm, suita palm, portorrico, cativo, and holillo palm.

It is also home of 7 different species of tortoise. Among the fish species are the gar (which is considered to be a living fossil), the guapote, the tarpon, the Caribbean snook, mackerel and snapper. It is also a great area for birdwatching, where visitors could see keel-billed toucan, great curassow, white hawk, Neotropic cormorant, anhinga, short-billed pigeon, great blue heron, green macaw, tricolored heron, green ibis, sungrebe, and red-lored amazon, and white-necked jacobin. there are also many endangered species that live in Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge, such as West Indian manatee (endangered species), tapir, cougar (endangered species), jaguar (endangered species), jaguarundi (endangered species), and ocelot (endangered species), white-lipped peccary, paca, red brocket deer, collared peccary, southern opossum, gray four-eyed opossum three-toed sloth, howler and white-faced capuchin monkeys, caiman, and crocodile (endangered species), among others.

How to get here

Due to is remote location and the poor conditions of the roads, it receives very few visitors. However, there are some hotels and lodges in the area, although they are a little more expensive than in Tortuguero. The best way to visit the area is to fly to Barra del Colorado local airport through one of the national airlines in the country (the approximated distance from San Jose is 100 km by plane). Also, a boat taken from Tortuguero, through the vast river networks, is a good way to visit the National Wildlife Refuge. To contact the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge please call (506) 2710-2929.

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