Cipanci National Wildlife Refuge

Cipanci National Wildlife Refuge was created in March 2001 to protect the mangrove areas and swamps of the Tempisque River. It is located in the Guanacaste province, between the counties of Cañas and Nicoya. The park includes the areas around the Bebedero River, Lajas River, and Toro Island (located in the mouth of Tempisque River); it has 3.500 hectares of extension. Around the refuge, there are also other protected areas, such as Palo Verde National Park and Mata Redonda Wildlife Refuge, among many others.

The main objective of this National Wildlife Refuge is to protect the mangroves and all the fish and bird species that live in the area, as well as to maintain the ecological equilibrium of the area. It is possible to find more than 750 species of plants, including 5 species of mangrove (Colorado, Piñuela, Salado, Botoncillo, y Caballero).

To visit the refugee please contact the Area de Conservación Arenal Tempisque (ACAT); Call (506) 2695-5180 / (596) 2695-5908, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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