Los Quetzales National Park

Costa Rica is about the 0,01% of the World but has the 3% of the biodiversity of the world in its territory. The government has made a great effort to protect the country's nature; and in April, 2006, a new National Park was created: Los Quetzales National Park. It was created with the support of the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID). This national park seeks to protect the Savegre River area and it covers 4.117.09 hectares that includes three types of rainforest and 14 different ecosystems; its highest altitude is 3.190 meter above sea level, and the lowest is 1.240 m. The rainy season for this area is May to November, with a average precipitation of 4.667 mm; the temperature ranges from 0º C to 20º C.

Los Quetzales National Park is located close to the Talamanca Ranger, in the San Jose Province. It is around 75 km south of San Jose city along the Interamerican Highway. Visitors could see green and red quetzals. It is a land of great wonders, full of Quetzales, a beautiful bird from which the name of the park is derived. The wildlife that the parks seek to protect also includes hummingbirds, the puma, sloths, coyotes, quetzal, jilguero, mozotillo de montaña, chancho de monte (saino), and other species of mammals. Among the flora species protected by the park are aguacatillos, palmitos, cloud forest, paramos and many rivers and streams.

To contact Los Quetzales National Park call (506) 2200-5354 in Ojo de Agua de Dota. The park has a visitor center, camping area and 8 trails (Ojo de Agua, La Laguna, Ciprecillo Milenario, Rio Brujo, Ojo de Agua-Providencia, Ojo de Agua-San Gerardo, Providencia-San Gerardo, and Cerro Frio)

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