Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park, part of the Caribbean La Amistad Conservation Area of Costa Rica, was created in 1970 as a National Monument and changed to National Park in 1978. It is located on the southern Caribbean coast in Limón Province and it is connected to the town of Cahuita. The National Park protects part of the Caribbean beaches, lowlands and nesting sites of Sea Turtles. It is a special place to do scuba diving and snorkeling in the protected marine area which contains the Coralline Reefs. Cahuita reef is known to have at least 35 species of coral, 140 species of mollusks, 44 species of crustaceans, and 500 species of fish; actually it is Costa Rica´s longest coral reef.

The Cahuita National Park is home for many types of animals such as tamanduas, agoutis, coatis, pacas, raccoons, sloths, howler, capuchin monkeys, green ibis, rufous kingfisher and keel-billed toucans among others. Cahuita National Park is one of the smallest national parks in Costa Rica, with around 1.200 acres of protected area divided in 600 acres of protected reef and 600 of protected land.

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