Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio is a town located in Puntarenas province, in the Central Pacific are of Costa Rica. It is also a famous beach in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio National Park, is a small park established in 1972, with an extension of 16.24 km2, which makes it the smallest national park in Costa Rica. Although the park is very small in comparison, it has around 110 species of mammals and more than 185 species of birds; some of the animals that can be found in this park are howler monkey, central american squirrel, the black spiny tailed iguana, bats, the common baslik, snakes, the white nosed coati.

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most visited parks in Costa Rica, they have a maximum of 600 visitors a day on weekdays and 800 people a day on weekends, in order to preserve the beautiful ecosystem. There are several trails and 4 beaches within the park Manuel Antonio, Espadilla, Escondido and Playita; it also has tidal pools for snorkeling.

Among the highlights of the Manuel Antonio National Park include: beautiful beaches, lush green forest, and many different species of flora and fauna.

The National Park offers many services for tourists: La Casona or Information Center, Lookout View Point, Hiking Trails to different beaches and a waterfall, and Restrooms. The entrance has a price of $10 per foreign tourist.

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