Tenorio Volcano National Park

Tenorio Volcano National Park, created in 1976, is located between the provinces of Alajuela and Guancaste. The closest town to the National Park is Bijagua de Upala located in the skirts of the volcano. The main attraction of the park is the amazing Rio Celeste, with light blue waters caused by the combination of the chemicals such as sulfur and calcium carbonates. The national park protects primary cloud forest and rain forest, with numerous waterfalls, rivers, multiple life zones, thermal hot springs and the beautiful Laguna Danta (Tapir Lake). Tenorio volcano has four volcanic peaks and two craters, on of them referred as Montezuma Volcano. Tenorio Volcano, with four craters, and Montezuma Volcano, with twin craters, belongs to Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area in the northern part of Costa Rica; Tenorio is the second elevation of the Volcanic Mountain Range in Guanacaste. The volcanoes have not erupted in recent history.

Among the interest of the park is the Rio Celeste (Light Blue River), Celeste Waterfall, thermal waters gas liberation, Teñideros, all conveyed in the trail called “Los Misterios del tenorio”; and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some of the species that protects the park are rivet, aguacatillo, níspero, banana, tapir and great amount of palms, ferns, bromelias, orquídeas and heliconias, moose, saíno, tolomuco, Congo monkey, monkey carablanca, colored monkey, puma, caucel and manigordo, bird bell, pavón and different hawks and trogones. Tenorio Volcano National Park has 4 habitat zones such as the Tropical Very Humid Forest, Pluvial Forest Premontano, Forest Very Humid Premontano, and Pluvial Forest Montano Bajo.

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