Canopy - Ziplining Tours

Canopy Tours or Ziplining Tours are widely spread in the country. Visitors could enjoy this great sight of the forest in different landscapes, from dry forest, to cloud forest and rainy forest. It is a different way to enjoy the forest and have a little of adventure; it involves sliding through zip lines attached to platforms hanging from big old tress. The security measures are very high quality and they are monitorized by the Costarican Institute of Tourism (ICT). All tourists are given the security equipment, including ropes, gloves and harness. Most Canopy tours include sky bridges and walkways through the forest, and even the so called "Tarzan Swing", which is a rope hanging from a higher platform where you will be safely dropped. If you are lucky, you will see monkeys and many species of birds from a canopy view of the forest.
Other compañies also offer a new canopy tour style, which involves sending the person in a zip line in a Superman position. Most of these tours are not very long but they certainly get your adrenaline levels high. Almost all tourist places have a tour operator company that offers this tour, although the most famous ones are located in Monteverde.

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