Scuba Diving

Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful sites for scuba diving, although they are not so easy to get to. The country has a biologically intense life on land and underwater; it is truly a paradise for nature lovers, who have the oportunity of enjoying the plethora of wildlife species in their natural habitat. Divers have the oportunity of seeing massive schools of fish, amazing variety of marine life and all these while swimming in an ideal water temperature throughout the year.

Caño Island

Caño Island is located on Puntarenas Province, approximately 17 km off the coast of Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula. There are 5 coral reefs surrounding the island, and the ecosystems around the area are some of the healthiest and best preserved of Costa Rica Pacific zone. The Biological Reserve Caño Island offers the best snorkeling and dive spots on the Pacific Coast. It is also the home of large sea mammals (Dolphins and Whales) that migrate from both hemispheres in order to mate in warmer waters. The best months for whale watching tours are August to October and December to March. Tours can be planned from Playa Dominical, Uvita, Sierpe, and Drake Bay. The waters surrounding the island are extremely pristine and full of wildlife. Schools of mobula rays (devil rays), turtles, white tip reef sharks, the elusive whale shark, the giant bull shark and large schools of fish swimming can be seen on many dives. Water visibility is good and can range from 45-90 feet. Temperatures go around the upper seventies to low eighties throughout the year, which makes the scuba diving an exquisite experience. Caño island is home to 18 species of coral, 3 species of dolphin and 57 different species of crustaceans, among others.

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